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Whether you're a celebrity, an executive, or a house-wife, you deserve to look great. 

"When Melynda went through my closet, not only did she help to streamline the items that I did wear, but also helped me to let go of items that were either no longer in style or age appropriate. I should also mention the tremendous assistance and outfit pairing advice which helped to me to transition from college student to young business professional."

-Liana Bryer, Clearances and Distribution Coordinator at Dick Clark Productions
"Melynda took a hopeless large-size woman to Bloomingdale's for the first time and they came out - after a long day of shopping - happy, hip, and ready to enter the 21st century.​"
-​Jessica Pettit, Comedienne and Motivational Speaker
"Melynda's strength is her product expertise. This allows her to seek valuable items in your favor. While she loves the rush of a sale at Louis Vuitton, she demonstrates this knowledge to catch bargains at the "do-it-yourself" and consignment stores, too.​
When Melynda decides to take you as a willing client, lessons come. She knows more about fashion than I can desire, while teaching the important process of getting to know clothing."
-Albert Tu, Senior Solutions Advisor at Rapid 7

Professionally, socially, or for a single event: The way people dress directly affects their confidence, poise, and overall success.    ​

Couture Zen knows how important (but extremely overwhelming) it is to assemble a cohesive/composed wardrobe. 


We have provided red carpet and personal styling services for celebs, public speakers, musicians, executives, agents, and working actors to create/refine a personal brand so that they can make an impression with their head shots, social media content, PR appearances, business events, and so much more.  


We also offer complete wardrobe cleanses and teach you from scratch how to shop for your budget, body type, and lifestyle.


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